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Вместе со снегом в Киеве закончился и второй месяц рассылки. В феврале добавилось 238 подписчика, итого 792 человека. Спасибо, что читаете! :)

Список тем февраля, если вы что-то пропустили:

  1. Toolbox: Loom

  2. Market push vs market pull

  3. Как мы используем NPS на Джинне

  4. Founder-market fit

Интересные ссылки февраля:

  • Why did I leave Google or, why did I stay so long?

    CEO Waze рассказывает как поменялась их культура после поглощения:
    [the] salaries are so high and the options so valuable that it leads to extreme focus on promotion vs product success. Regardless of your performance (individually), you equity grows significantly so nothing you do has real economic impact.
    When I was growing up in Tech in the ‘90’s - there was no such thing as work life balance. We loved what we did and wanted to succeed so we worked like crazy to achieve great things.  Today in Silicon Valley, work life balance has become sacrificing Work for Life - not a balance.  Having trouble scheduling meetings because “it's the new Yoga instructor lesson I cannot miss” drove me crazy. 

  • The Dark Side of OKR

    If you can’t do OKR right - better not do them at all. You can get pretty far with ad-hoc goal setting, self-direction, and managing with 1:1s.

  • The One Who Defines the Category Wins the Category

    Business understands problems by categorizing them, so convincing the world that a new category is valid is tantamount to winning.  Thus, no objective is more important for SaaS founders than early category leadership.

  • Why Founders Fail: The Product CEO Paradox

    The board advises the founder to “trust her people and delegate”. And then the product loses focus and starts to look like a camel (a horse built by committee). In the meanwhile, it turns out that the CEO was only world-class at the product, so she effectively transformed herself from an excellent, product-oriented CEO into a crappy, general purpose CEO. Looks like we need a new CEO.

  • The Three Responsibilities of Product Leadership

    Own product direction, build the team, define org structure and processes.


В качестве эксперимента начали по четвергам Клабхаус-комнату для обсуждения тем из рассылки или чего-то на тему разработки продукта и стартапов. Честно говоря, пока не решил нравится ли мне результат, но и не попробовать нельзя было – nobody knows anything. :)

До встречи в рассылке! Или в Клабхаусе.